A Million Bad Hair Days

Ashley Peterson
2 min readMar 20, 2021

What you would consider a bad hair day I’d probably consider my average. It's hard to find a suitable style for hair that just does not want to ever cooperate. My hair type somehow manages to be in between frizzy and ridiculously greasy at the same time. It’s like some kind of hair paradox. This makes hair styling an extra pain. Conditioner would help the frizz, but if put any in my hair it would look like I shower with lard-based shampoo. Basically, any shampoo with the words hydrating, replenishing, curly, nourishing, moisturizing, or repairing are off the table, which is essentially the entire shampoo aisle. I can count on one hand the shampoos that I can actually use. So, you can imagine how much I’ve enjoyed trying to deal with it over the years.

I had really long hair through most of junior high and high school. It looked extremely pretty about three times a year when my mom fixed it, but the rest of time it was a disaster. I was always so annoyed by it that I chopped it all off a few days before my senior year started. The cut I picked was a short bob. However, what I really wanted was a pixie cut. I waited until college and convinced my mom that I would look good with a long pixie. Each time I got it cut I would go shorter and shrter. That’s how you get one. You have ease them in before you get out the electric razor.

Now I’ve had this cut for a few years and I’ve learned to do some basic styling. I want to try to grow it out to a medium length. The good thing is if I hate it longer it’ll be easy chop it right off again. The bad thing is that the grow is not exactly pretty. Right now the shorter side and the back looks like a poor imitation of a boy band cut. There’s definitely a nice mini mullet growing in the back. I really hope this is worth it cause it not I may just shave all off and buy some wigs.