Secrets You Keep From Mom

Ashley Peterson
2 min readApr 29, 2021


If you have been reading this blog for any extended period of time, then you know that I really love my mom. I love her a lot. With that love, I sometimes feel a need to protect her. You see if I told her every detail of my life then she would drive herself insane with worry. My secrets are a nice comfortable safe room for her to stay in, where she can’t get too worked up.

Most of the things I keep from mom really aren’t that bad. They would just upset her. I’m typically just messing up or acting more like a normal 21-year-old. Of course to her paranoid mind, I could be about to die at any moment so these things would send her over the edge.

For example, one night while she was out of town, I was running a particularly stressful DoorDash order. It was going to the receptionist of a fairly empty hotel. When I hopped out of the car I locked my car door on habit. By the time I made it inside, I realized my keys were still in the car. Luckily the receptionist was a nice lady who let me sit in the lobby while I waited for my dad. After he got my car unlocked I told him that mom couldn’t know what happened. Somehow I didn’t think the idea of me locking myself out of the car at a sketchy hotel at night would sit well with her.

Just a few weeks ago some of my friends wanted to go to a bar. Now, I can’t drink anymore, so they asked me to drive. When mom asked about my weekend plans, I panicked and told her we were having dinner and drinks at a sports bar. Then she told me to text her when I got home. Luckily we went to a farther town so I could blame our late arrival on construction traffic. I did end up telling her that one of my friends got quite a bit drunk, but I skipped the part where she also kissed a strange guy she met.

Don’t be decided, I tell my mom a lot of things. We have a closer relationship than most young adults would have with their mothers. I’ve told her a lot of my secrets. But sometimes, there are instances where I decided to play it safe and just keep things to myself.